I can deliver a wide range of Graphic and Web Design services.  I can produce both printed and digital material including flyers, posters, logos, websites, merchandise, and more.  Please see below for some examples of my work. I particularly enjoy working with a vintage flavour, but I am can work flexibly in many styles and am available for all kinds of design commissions.   Please contact me for more detail. 

Oxford Lindy Exchange 2016

The goal for Oxford Lindy Exchange 2016 was to capture the spirit of the Savoy Ballroom where the Lindy Hop originated in the 1920’s.   I created a campaign based on the 90th anniversary of the Ballroom using a strong central image based on the Savoy Ballroom’s original neon sign. I complemented with some playbill type imagery to promote the Battle of the Bands which was the centrepiece of the event.  These images were used on everything from flyers and t-shirts to the event’s cake.  Please click on the image to see more.


ThUNNDAR is an academic research group focussed on therapeutic ultrasound.  The group required a vector based logo for a number of uses at short notice, and wanted a design that included the Asclepius, and communicated the use of ultrasound in therapy.  

I worked with the group to select a design based on the idea of sound waves, using a colour scheme along with the Asclepius that reflected the clinical element. 

Oxford Lindy Exchange 2019

The current design suite for Oxford Lindy Exchange uses the theme of Film Noir for this year’s event.  I have created a logo and series of images for Oxford Lindy Hoppers for promotional purposes using the theme. This has been used to create a website ( and will also be used merchandise, flyers, and posters. Please click on the image to see more.

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