Creative Photoshoots


I am a creative photographer and and love to explore my imagination. Photography allows me to express the strong artistic side of my personality.  Whether shooting for clients or photographing for pleasure. 

Shooting creatively means using trying different techniques and new ideas and challenges.  It can mean bending or breaking the usual conventions, and is always exciting.  I like enjoy experimenting with different exposures and lighting, especially the interplay between light and shadow, trying different and unusual angles or posing and set ups are all great to explore. 

Playing set ups, locations, props and costumes or even green screen can also add another dimension to your photoshoot.  These don’t have to be complicated or elaborate, and are often great fun to enjoy.  But, it is also very possible to create unique and exciting results just using a plain backdrop. 

Much can be achieved with modern editing software like photoshop, but part of the skill of creating imaginative and creative photography can be in simple practical effects often using commonplace household objects!   Being a photographer is often about creative problem solving and this is one of the reasons why I love it!  

I am available for a range of different photography and can work our bespoke packages.  I love new ideas and interesting creative challenges. Tell me about yours!

Tell Me about YOur Creative IDEAS!

I came to Matthew with a very rough idea of doing a humorous but artistically accurate set of renaissance style photographs for the cover artwork for our latest CD. He was very helpful and excited but the idea straight away and further helped solidify the concept by doing a lighting test shoot and putting together an images folder with paintings which had the right feel. The day of the shoot was not only very efficient and professional but also incredibly good fun! Set dressing, posing the band and models, and setting the right mood - Matthew really captured exactly the feel and style of the band and music. The images are fantastic and by the time he had edited them to their final state he had hit the nail squarely on the head.
Horatio Kuppa T
Captain Kuppa T and the Zeppelin Crew