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I have just finished editing the photos from some of the amazing recent Vintage Photoshoots. It was great fun working with so many classic looks including Hollywood style, Film Noir, Burlesque and even Betty Page. I can’t wait to do more!

My most recent vintage photoshoot was with with three of the dancers from the Cream Tease of Oxford Burlesque troope. It was great fun working with them and there was so much energy! We got some fabulous results and left us all wanting more!

One of the things that I love about my vintage photoshoots is the different possibilities. This is all because each client brings different ideas to explore. The classic photography styles also bring a whole special aesthetic and atmosphere. Using these techniques, and small changes to the lighting or poses can produce wonderfully striking looks.

Vintage Photo Techniques

Creating vintage style portrait photography is not simply about changing a colour photo into a black and white one. Like most photographers I work in digital, but I use classic techniques and practical effects to create my vintage photographs. I make my images using constant lights rather than flash, and different modifiers. These include blinds, reflectors, and even the classic nylon stocking over the lens! Different techniques and light positions create different results. For example, the harder light and stronger shadows of classic film noir or the softer, romantic Hollywood portraits. These classic techniques help make create the most authentic vintage images.

Developing the photos

Like traditional film photography, digital files need to be “developed” and this gets the best out of the images. Digital processing uses a computer rather than an old fashioned darkroom. This adds the style and polish to the camera files, by adjusting the highlights, shadows and tones. I also always shoot in colour and like to include the occasional colour image in my collections. The main work is however, always done at the shoot. I avoid intensive editing or retouching of the images.

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You can learn more about my vintage portrait photoshoot packages on my Vintage Portrait Photography page. I have also written a Vintage Photoshoot guide with some more information.

If you would like your own vintage photoshoot, please get in contact and I’d love to hear from you.

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