What is a Documentary Photographer?

When I am booking event and wedding photography, I describe myself as a documentary photographer but what does that mean?

A documentary photographer is often also known as a reportage photographer or sometimes even an event or wedding photojournalist.   

My documentary style is designed to that tells the story of event. Most of the time I will work in a relaxed and unobtrusive way seeking to blend in amongst your guests, let your event unfold, and capture the moments and many of the signature details. 

I like to be shoot close up, but will work hard to make sure that your guests are relaxed around me, so we get natural results that focus on the moments, atmosphere, and connections for you and your guests rather than set up or posed photos.

From our first consultation, I will want to know all about your event and what will make it unique. Planning ahead is an important part of event photography and understanding your plans and how your event will work, and the important moments helps me create the best possible collection that captures the moments and atmosphere.  It is true to say that it is really about ‘capturing the moment’ and documentary photography is not made, directed or posed.   

Most of my time will always be documentary but I will always take group shots, presentations and  portraits – formal or informal – if you want them, as these pictures are part many events.  

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