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Creative OXFORD Photographer

Inventive and Personal Photographer For Weddings, Portraits, Events, AND Creative Projects

I am a Photographer based in Oxford.  I am lucky to live and work in of the most beautiful cities in the UK but also love to travel, and have been fortunate enough to photograph many stunning locations around the world. 

The creative process of photography is something that brings me great fulfilment, and still has as much excitement as taking photos with my very first camera at 6 years old.   I love photographs that capture the feelings of moment, the essence of place, or the unique personality of a subject. This could be the connection between a bride and groom, stunning landscapes, unusual angles, or a portrait that is full of character or emotion.  

I enjoy shooting creatively in colour and black and white, and always like to explore different ideas and angles.  I adore the classic black and white vintage portraits of the 20s, 30s and 40’s, exploring creative ideas such as renaissance style photography, and working with new ideas and practical effects.   

Oxford Photographer

As an Oxford Photographer I am blessed to be working in such a stunning City. “The City of Dreaming Spires” is full of magnificent historic venues and wonderful locations.  Moments, background, and light are the key ingredients for taking great photos. Oxford is perfect because it has so many stunning backdrops from historic Colleges and University buildings to beautiful open spaces.  I love to explore this wonderful City every day with my camera.

About MAtt Ellacott

I am originally from London and my family roots are in Devon.  I currently live in the beautiful city of Oxford.  I love the whole process of photography and took my very first photo at 6 years old!

EVENT Photographer

I get a real buzz of event photography, and love that every event is unique! 

My style is reportage documentary – getting into the heart of on event and capturing the moments, detail and style, but I also understand that there are important or formal parts of an occasion where great photos are needed too.  Every event is different, and I will work with you to create a package  that best suits your event. 

Vintage PhotOGrapher

Stardust Vintage Photography is portrait photography dedicated to classic Hollywood and Film Noir, ’30s and ’40s style photos. 

I have always loved this style of photography and combine with modern equipment and vintage practical effects to produce images inspired by that golden era.

I can offer individual photoshoots and a travelling vintage photo studio for events and festivals.


Wedding Photographer

I am Photographer because I love to create beautiful images that tell a story and capture feelings, emotions, or a moment.

Wedding Photography gives me the privilege of using my passion for photography to tell the story of a very special moment in your life. 

My Wedding Photography website has all of the detail you need about my style of Wedding Photography, my collections and packages.

OXFORD GRaduation Photographer

Your graduation day is a great landmark moment.  After the years of study and memorable friendships, it is great to mark this wonderful achievement with a personal graduation photoshoot. You can book individual or group packages for a personal shoot on location in the historic centre of Oxford or in your own College.

Portrait Photographer

Portrait sessions are one of my favourite parts of being a photographer. I like simple, elegant, portraits with a classic style which bring out the personality of the subjects. 

I want you to be comfortable in front of the camera and I don’t do awkward or cheesy posing. I have a relaxed natural style and easy going nature.

I also love to explore your creative ideas and enjoy trying new challenges!  I am very happy to do single shoots, couple and engagement shoots, and family photos.  

Creative Photo Shoots

Photography allows me to explore my creative personality and trying new ideas and challenges is always great fun.  I like to use a combination of modern equipment and editing, and older practical effects. 

You can see some of my previous work in my galleries including classic Hollywood and Film Noir photos and a Steam Punk Renaissance style shoot. 


Portfolio and IMAGES FOR SALE

Photography is a huge part of my life and as well as commissioned work, I never tire of photographing the world around me.  I use my camera every day, whether that is exploring the wonderful City of Oxford, or when travelling.  I have been privileged to travel to many wonderful places in the UK and around the world.  Travel Photography has brought me enormous pleasure and has allowed me to take many of my favourite images. Landscapes, Cityscapes, Architecture and Nature always catch my attention and I enjoy exploring unusual angles.